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Hi. I’m John. Welcome to my music blog. I received my first iPod for Christmas in 2004. Over time, I became more serious about creating a great collection of music. I enjoy writing, and started this perpetual blog which documents the evolution of my iPod collection. By August 2009, I had rated all 8100 songs; like the collection itself, the ratings are adjusted over time. In September, 2009, I began an artist countdown, where each artist with ten or more songs is profiled, an exercise which should take me well into 2012. See the “Artist Countdown” and “Introduction” pages for more details.

Sharing Our Stories

“Music has a way of indelibly searing an experience in your soul.”

— Dávid Guzman

I am not a musician. I know a little bit about guitar and chord progressions, but am not sufficiently educated to offer significant musical analysis. I hope practice will improve my skill. Often, I will quote the work of the gifted music critics, while referring the reader to websites where their books can be purchased.

But I have a powerful memory, and know lots of songs. Some songs take me to a time and place in life: a memory, a friend, a story. Now middle-aged, I’ve lived long enough to have stories to tell. The blog is a way of sharing my life and the lessons I’m learning along the way.

I’d like to read your stories, too. Especially when a song or artist transports you back to a special moment in time. It can be a happy moment; for me, memories can also be painful and bittersweet. Together we can compile a list of stories. Thanks again, and enjoy the videos, the lists of suggested songs, and my stories.

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