108. John Mayall

John Mayall is most notable for the great young musicians who played in his band, the Blues Breakers.

John Mayall (b. 1933), vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica

I was introduced to Mayall through the record collection of my best friend’s father, Bob Gex, a cooler cat than anyone imagined at the time. Every serious blues fan should own a copy of Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, a great record featuring simple, straightforward interpretations of rhythm and blues music.

The recorded version of Freddie King’s “Hideaway” is considered one of Eric Clapton’s greatest moments as a guitar player. Here is a recent collaboration:

Unfortunately, vintage performance videos of the Blues Breakers are in short supply. The band led a monastic life, with complete devotion to the craft of playing the blues. Here is a great example of the band in full flight. Eric Clapton is featured soloist on Memphis Slim’s “Steppin’ Out”:

Many young musicians became famous after an apprenticeship with Mayall. Future Fleetwood Mac members John McVie, Mick Fleetwood and Peter Green, and Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones are key examples. “The Supernatural” and “Out of Reach” for fine examples of Peter Green’s early mastery.

Some of the original and alternate versions of the blues standards as well. A couple of the one star songs may not make the final cut, although “California” was used to fine effect in the movie Pulp Fiction.

John Mayall Songs:

Hideaway, John Mayall ✭✭✭✭

Another Man Done Gone, John Mayall ✭✭✭
All Your Love, John Mayall ✭✭✭
The Supernatural, John Mayall ✭✭✭
Double Crossing Time, John Mayall ✭✭✭
Out Of Reach, John Mayall ✭✭✭
What’d I Say, John Mayall ✭✭✭
Room To Move, John Mayall ✭✭✭

Steppin’ Out, John Mayall ✭✭
You Don’t Love Me, John Mayall ✭✭
Little Girl, John Mayall ✭✭
Parchman Farm, John Mayall ✭✭
Ramblin’ On My Mind, John Mayall ✭✭
Another Kinda Love, John Mayall ✭✭
Knockers Step Forward, John Mayall ✭✭

California, John Mayall
The Laws Must Change, John Mayall

Related Songs:

Steppin’ Out, Memphis Slim ✭✭✭

Parchman Farm, Mose Allison ✭✭✭

Ramblin’ On My Mind, Robert Johnson ✭✭
Ramblin’ On My Mind, Eric Clapton ✭✭

What’d I Say, Ray Charles ✭✭✭✭
What’d I Say, Lyle Lovett ✭✭✭

All Your Love, Otis Rush ✭✭

You Don’t Love Me, The Allman Brothers Band ✭✭
You Don’t Love Me, Dawn Penn ✭✭
You Don’t Love Me, Angela Strehli ✭✭✭
You Don’t Love Me, Willie Cobbs ✭✭

Hideaway, Freddie King ✭✭✭

Another Man Done Gone, Carolina Chocolate Drops ✭✭

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