131. Madonna

Few pop artists are recognizable using just one name. You can dance…for inspiration…

Breaking tradition, I present a music video for “Into The Groove”, one of Madonna’s greatest hits. Madonna’s charm and talent comes shining through in these videos. MTV and dancing stars like Madonna benefited from one another. Along with Michael Jackson, the most popular artist of the 1980s. Along with Michael Jackson and the iPod blog author, she was born in the all-important second half of 1958.

Biography of “Madonna” Louise Ciccone

From a humble upbringing in Bay City, Michigan, Madonna pursued her dream of becoming a dancer and pop star in New York City, eventually becoming the top-selling female recording artist of all time. Give the commercial success of artist such as Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, among others, it is hard to underestimate her influence on the music industry. What an impressive person she is! So fearless, and such a hard worker. Not a great singer, not a great dancer, but she had something to say, and she worked tirelessly to execute her vision.

I am not a huge fan of her music. Not quite my thing. Music from the eighties does not age well. There was an over-reliance on synthesizers, and Madonna’s music features almost no musical virtuosity or variation from the scripted orchestration. Thus it is more like a musical, a backdrop for Madonna, her singing and thought, and her dance troupe.

What’s the secret of her success? People like to dance, people like to love and be loved. Dance, be happy, make love. If you need further proof that Madonna is a hard worker, just look how beautifully her sculpted 48 year old legs look in this video:

Damn girl!

Like most artists, Madonna made her greatest contributions in the first few years. Her devoted fans continued to follow her; she continued to experiment and write deeper, more introspective music. In many ways, the formula stayed the same, music without discernible improvisation. Madonna wasn’t blessed with a great voice like Whitney Houston, somebody you wished would just try singing with a small jazz combo, rather than “sell out” and sing pop fluff. Madonna is the first and best of her kind, the greatest American dance diva.

Very few of her songs stand out to me these days. “Holiday” and “Into The Groove” are great dance songs, especially the simple message of “Holiday”. I have included a reasonable cross section of her music, including most of the big hits and a couple of her highly acclaimed recent songs.

Holiday, Madonna ✭✭✭✭✭

Into The Groove, Madonna ✭✭✭✭

Live To Tell, Madonna ✭✭✭

Beautiful Stranger, Madonna ✭✭
Dress You Up, Madonna ✭✭
Borderline, Madonna ✭✭
Papa Don’t Preach, Madonna ✭✭
True Blue, Madonna ✭✭
Angel, Madonna ✭✭
Angel (Alt), Madonna ✭✭
Open Your Heart, Madonna ✭✭
Music, Madonna ✭✭

Material Girl, Madonna
Like A Prayer, Madonna
Like A Virgin, Madonna
Ray Of Light, Madonna

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