95. James Taylor

On Facebook, I recently posted an old video of James Taylor singing “You’ve Got A Friend”, backed by the songwriter, Carole King. A friend of mine described the song as “sloppy sentimentality”. This is the most common knock against James Taylor’s music, self-absorbed and soft. He is not a critic’s favorite, though he is quite a beloved figure about folk rock enthusiasts. He has a lovely voice and has written a handful of modern pop standards.

Based on his music, one might make the incorrect assumption that Mr. Taylor lived a charmed life without incident. It is true that Sweet Baby James grew up in relative luxury; his father was a prominent physician. But his road to popular acclaim was marred by drug addiction and mental instability in his teens. Like many stars, it was a rocky road to commercial success:

Wikipedia Entry For James Taylor

“Fire And Rain”:

“Shower The People” you love with love:

I recently saw James Taylor and Carole King perform in the Berkshire Mountains, near Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Taylor spent much of his childhood in the Boston area, and owns a home in the Berkshires nearby. What a treat to see him at home, a triumphant return with the great Carole King, his closest collaborator through the years. King was simply luminescent; I could not control my emotions when she sang.

“Sweet Baby James”, his greatest composition:

Your song list:

Sweet Baby James, James Taylor ✭✭✭✭

Fire And Rain, James Taylor ✭✭✭
Country Road, James Taylor ✭✭✭
Shower The People, James Taylor ✭✭✭
Steamroller (Live), James Taylor ✭✭✭
Long Ago And Far Away, James Taylor ✭✭✭
You’ve Got A Friend, James Taylor ✭✭✭

Something In The Way She Moves, James Taylor ✭✭
Copperline, James Taylor ✭✭
Carolina On My Mind, James Taylor ✭✭
Walking Man, James Taylor ✭✭
Mexico, James Taylor ✭✭
Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight, James Taylor ✭✭

How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), James Taylor
Traffic Jam, James Taylor
Her Town Too, James Taylor

Related Songs:

Sweet Baby James, The Seldom Scene ✭✭✭✭
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You), Marvin Gaye ✭✭✭
You’ve Got A Friend, Carole King

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