159. Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night refers to a cold Australian night, so cold that the Aboriginal people would sleep with three dingoes for warmth.

Wikipedia Entry for Three Dog Night

Three Dog Night was popular during the late 1960s, the peak period for pop music. They were a cover band, utilizing songs by prominent songwriters of the era. They featured three vocalists, who took turns singing the lead on their hit songs. Together the three vocalists have a distinctive sound. Here’s a nice example of the Three Dog Night sound:

A review of the available material does not offer any new revelations. They were a singles band; I can’t even find alternate versions of the hits. Here’s “Easy To Be Hard” from the musical Hair:

Not a lot to say here. Good singers and very well-known pop songs, some of which are better than others. Originally I rated “Out In The Country” as the best song, but I’ve changed my mind and believe their version of Harry Nilsson’s “One” is the best song. “One” rocks…four stars I say. I am less fond of some of their biggest hits, like “Joy To The World” and “Black And White”.

One, Three Dog Night ✭✭✭✭

Out In The Country, Three Dog Night ✭✭✭
Easy To Be Hard, Three Dog Night ✭✭✭
Mama Told Me Not To Come, Three Dog Night ✭✭✭
Liar, Three Dog Night ✭✭✭

Old Fashioned Love Song, Three Dog Night ✭✭
Shambala, Three Dog Night ✭✭
Eli’s Coming, Three Dog Night ✭✭
Joy To The World, Three Dog Night ✭✭

Never Been To Spain, Three Dog Night
Celebrate, Three Dog Night
Black And White, Three Dog Night

Related Songs:

One, Harry Nilsson ✭✭✭
One, Aimee Mann ✭✭

Mama Told Me Not To Come, Randy Newman ✭✭✭

One thought on “159. Three Dog Night

  1. Cheryl March 7, 2010 / 6:58 AM

    Three Dog Night was very popular when I was in High School and hanging out in Manhattan Beach in Southern California. It brings back memories of the beach, sun, surf, longs walks on the strand and lots of beach volleyball. I think I rate all the songs a little higher than you do but I admit, its probably due to emotional significance and dance-ability (is that a word?). Nothing like a good dance song!

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