166. The Cars

Musically, The Cars are about the last thing on my mind these days. But there was a time when their first album was a fresh sound in music.

Wikipedia Entry for The Cars

During my second year in college, the two records that received the most spins were The Cars and Talking Heads ’77. The Cars is a textbook example of a fully-formed band producing its most memorable statement with their first record. The album is filled with excellent songs, and at the time, the guitar/synthesizer sound of the band was unique and fresh.

In addition to my favorite songs from The Cars, I included a couple demo versions from the recently released special version of the great album, plus two other songs, “Drive” and “Dangerous Type”. I notice that the song “All Mixed Up” did not make the cut for the greatest hits compilation; it’s probably my favorite song by the band. Although they had several hit songs after the first album, I find few as being worthy additions to my collection. With that said, The Cars is one of the great first albums in rock history.

All Mixed Up, The Cars ✭✭✭✭

My Best Friend’s Girl, The Cars ✭✭✭
Bye Bye Love, The Cars ✭✭✭
Moving In Stereo, The Cars ✭✭✭
All Mixed Up (Demo), The Cars ✭✭✭

Let The Good Times Roll, The Cars ✭✭
Just What I Needed, The Cars ✭✭
Just What I Needed (Demo), The Cars ✭✭
You’re All I’ve Got Tonight, The Cars ✭✭
Drive, The Cars ✭✭

Dangerous Type, The Cars

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