153. Roy Orbison

I possess no attachment to Roy Orbison whatsoever. No nostalgic anecdotes, no funny stories.

Roy Orbison’s Wikipedia Page

Roy Orbison’s Official Website

1. The word for Roy Orbison is “operatic”.

2. I know nothing of his lesser known work. I added “Shahdaroba” to the collection, as a result of hearing the song during the closing credits of “Mad Men” a couple weeks ago. Actually, it was the series finale for this saeson. Mad Men is a great show, one of the greatest dramas I’ve ever seen. Every show is like a movie.

3. I’m not a huge fan, but Mr. Orbison’s voice is so smooth and familiar, most songs are very listenable and worth two stars. And how to rate “Oh, Pretty Woman”? The song’s familiarity make sit a bit harder to see the excellence there:

4. Dream Baby was the first song the Beatles performed for the BBC in late 1962. You have to dig to find this recording. The excitement of the young Fab Four comes shining through.

5. The California rock singer Chris Isaak has a style very reminiscent of Roy Orbison.

Oh, Pretty Woman, Roy Orbison ✭✭✭✭
Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream), Roy Orbison ✭✭✭✭

Shahdaroba, Roy Orbison ✭✭✭

Only The Lonely (Know How I Feel), Roy Orbison ✭✭
Running Scared, Roy Orbison ✭✭
Crying, Roy Orbison ✭✭
Candy Man, Roy Orbison ✭✭
You Got It, Roy Orbison ✭✭
Ooby Dooby, Roy Orbison ✭✭
Mean Woman Blues, Roy Orbison ✭✭
Blue Bayou, Roy Orbison ✭✭

Related Songs:

Mean Woman Blues, Elvis Presley
Only The Lonely, Chris Isaak ✭✭
Ooby Dooby, Creedence Clearwater Revival
Dream Baby, The Beatles ✭✭

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