174. Shelby Lynne

I think I was introduced to Shelby Lynne by a positive review of the CD I Am Shelby Lynne. I bought that album and the subsequent Love, Shelby.

Shelby Lynne on Wikipedia

Shelby’s MySpace Page

Shelby has a tragic story. At age 17, her alcoholic and abusive father killed her mother, then turned the gun on himself. Shortly thereafter, Shelby began supporting her and her little sister Allison by singing. An amazing story of overcoming great odds to achieve commercial success. Her sister Allison Moorer also became a country/folk singer.

Fine New York Times Article on Shelby Lynne

Ms. Lynne achieved critical acclaim and modest commercial success by 1990, but her breakthrough album I Am Shelby Lynne is where my interest in her music starts. After that, she has a string of highly acclaimed albums, the most commercially successful of which is a tribute to Dusty Springfield:

Ultimately, what’s more interesting is the artist’s own songs, and Ms. Lynne has been quite daring and prolific. I took some extra time reviewing some of her newer songs to add a few to the collection.

My favorite song has been “Dream Some”, which was prominently featured in the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. I find Ms. Lynne very attractive. She possesses a beautiful, husky voice, and she’s old enough to be truly cool and worldly. Here she is with guitarist John Jackson singing “Leavin'”

Shelby Lynne Songs:

Dream Some, Shelby Lynne ✭✭✭✭

Leavin’, Shelby Lynne ✭✭✭
Thought It Would Be Easier, Shelby Lynne ✭✭✭
Just A Little Lovin’, Shelby Lynne ✭✭✭
I Won’t Die Alone, Shelby Lynne ✭✭✭

Your Lies, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Lookin’ Up, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Black Light Blue, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
If I Were Smart, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
How Can I Be Sure, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Wall In Your Heart, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Killin’ Kind, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Tarpolean Napoleon, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Old Times Sake, Shelby Lynne ✭✭
Johnny Met June, Shelby Lynne ✭✭

Gotta Get Back, Shelby Lynne

Related Songs:

How Can I Be Sure, The Rascals ✭✭

A Soft Place To Fall, Allison Moorer ✭✭

Just A Little Lovin’ Dusty Springfield ✭✭✭

Here’s Shelby’s sister Allison Moorer singing “A Soft Place To Fall”:

Finally, here’s a Dusty Springfield video:

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