Loggins & Messina

For the last couple years of high school, I was friends with Steve Feller, a fellow basketball player on the team, who also shared an interest in rock music. Steve was one of my first close friends outside of my immediate neighborhood, and he had developed a different complement of favorite bands. He also had an older brother, which added to his knowledge base.

Steve introduced me to Loggins & Messina, beyond the ubiquitous “Your Mama Don’t Dance”, which was played to death on local AM radio stations. I realize now it’s pretty decent:

I never took more than a passing interest in Loggins & Messina, but the songs are melodic and well-crafted. It was such a “nice” era in music. I suppose one could be put off by the softness in sound and message, but that’s a big part of the music I was raised on.

Loggins & Messina’s Wikipedia Page

Loggins & Messina Home Page

“Danny’s Song” is a pop/folk standard. My father once relayed to me his thoughts about becoming a father for the first time. They went something like this: “Well, you don’t know to expect, you don’t know if you’re ready, and then out pops the little son of a bitch, and that’s it, you’re in love.”

These are all good songs, only few are required listening. I have two versions of “Angry Eyes”, including a shorter, AM-radio friendly version that eliminates the rambling instrumental break:

Danny’s Song, Loggins & Messina ✭✭✭
Your Mama Don’t Dance, Loggins & Messina ✭✭✭
A Love Song, Loggins & Messina ✭✭✭

Angry Eyes, Loggins & Messina ✭✭
Angry Eyes (edit), Loggins & Messina ✭✭
Vahevala, Loggins & Messina ✭✭
Peace Of Mind, Loggins & Messina ✭✭
My Music, Loggins & Messina ✭✭
House At Pooh Corner, Loggins & Messina ✭✭

Watching The River Run, Loggins & Messina

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