Wynonie Harris

Wynonie Harris is a blues shouter who performed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. His most famous songs are very blue in nature, virtually all related to sex and alcohol. He was very popular in his day.

Wikipedia Entry for Wynonie Harris

I first heard Wynonie Harris on a San Francisco radio show, M. Dung’s Sunday Night Idiot Show, in the mid-1980s. I bought an LP of his greatest hits, performed under the King label in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The three songs most worth having are “Bloodshot Eyes”, “Quiet Whiskey”, and “Keep On Churnin’ (Till The Butter Comes)”, perhaps the single most explicit song in the collection. Also of note is a very popular version of “Good Rockin’ Tonight”, written by Roy Brown and also covered by Elvis Presley.

His music is rudimentary but fun. There are no worthwhile video clips available on YouTube.

Bloodshot Eyes, Wynonie Harris ✭✭✭
Quiet Whiskey, Wynonie Harris ✭✭✭
Keep On Churnin’, Wynonie Harris ✭✭✭

All She Wants To Do Is Rock, Wynonie Harris ✭✭
Sittin’ On It All The Time, Wynonie Harris ✭✭
I Like My Baby’s Pudding, Wynonie Harris ✭✭
Good Rockin’ Tonight, Wynonie Harris ✭✭
Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well?, Wynonie Harris ✭✭

Lovin’ Machine, Wynonie Harris
Don’t Take My Whiskey Away From Me, Wynonie Harris

Related songs:

Good Rockin’ Tonight, Roy Brown ✭✭
Good Rockin’ Tonight, Elvis Presley ✭✭✭
Good Rockin’ Tonight, Paul McCartney ✭✭

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