I Can’t Stop Editing (Part 2 – Visiting The Record Stores)

Last week I went to two local record stores, mostly to try and fill in a few spots. I enjoy hanging out in the record store; I enjoy the people and the vibe. But for the purpose of this collection, it has become unproductive and expensive. Between the two stores I ended up spending close to a hundred bucks, with limited success.

I bought a collection of TV theme songs, which I find amusing, and the familiar little short songs should work on an extended shuffle program.

I bought a couple Madonna CDs to complete a reasonable overview of her career. I also bought a ZZ Top greatest hits compilation. I bought an MTV Unplugged compilation, and added two songs from that. Finally, I bought a used Rammstein CD to add “Engel” at Lisa Mann’s suggestion, and then removed it from the wish list.

The Simpsons, Danny Elfman ✭✭
Cheers, Gary Portnoy & Judy Hart Angelo ✭✭
Miami Vice, Jan Hammer
Laverne & Shirley, Charles Fox & Norman Gimbel
The Muppet Show, Jim Henson/Sam Pottie ✭✭
Welcome Back, Kotter, John Sebastian
Happy Days, Charles Fox & Norman Gimbel
Mash, Johnny Mandel ✭✭
Those Were The Days (All In The Family), Charles Strouse & Lee Adams
Love Is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore), Sonny Curtis
Sesame Street, Joe Raposo, Jon Stone & Bruce Hart ✭✭
The Brady Bunch, Sherwood Schwartz/Frank Denny De Vol
Mission: Impossible, Lalo Schifrin
Gilligan’s Island, G. Wyle/Sherwood Schwartz ✭✭
The Andy Grifiith Show, Earle Hagen
The Flintstones, William Hanna & Joseph Barbera ✭✭
The Toy Parade (Leave It To Beaver), Dave Kahn/Melvyn Leonard/Mort Greene

I added six songs by ZZ Top. I already had their best song, “LaGrange”. Here are the seven songs:

LaGrange, ZZ Top ✭✭✭✭
Blue Jean Blues, ZZ Top ✭✭✭
Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top ✭✭
Cheap Sunglasses, ZZ Top ✭✭
I Thank You, ZZ Top ✭✭
Heard It On The X, ZZ Top
Tush, ZZ Top

I added five songs by Madonna, making a total of fourteen Madonna songs. I need to add a few more to complete her contribution, so I’ll wait to list them all.

From The Unplugged Collection, I added:

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (live), Elvis Costello ✭✭
Why (live), Annie Lennox ✭✭✭

“Why” is a real heartbreaker, and feel Ms. Lennox’s performance on Saturday Night Live in the early 1990s is particularly satisfying. The final lyrical flourish is brave and simple and emotional.

My favorite addition from the shopping spree is Paul Anka singing Kurt Cobain’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. I place a high value on transforming a good song into a different good song. Like Jimi Hendrix transforming “All Along The Watchtower”, this is a great example. It’s fun, it’s exciting.

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Paul Anka ✭✭✭

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