Song Of The Month: “Make You Crazy” by Brett Dennen

“It’s enough to make you go craaaaa….zzzy! Whoa-oa-oa”

I heard Make You Crazy on KINK-FM here in Portland a couple months ago, and couldn’t get enough of it for weeks. The song has great lyrics, laced with paranoia and discontent about modern American life. The released studio version is a lush electric rendition with guitar tremolo and a cameo appearance by Nigerian musician Femi Kuti, who accents the bridge:

Don`t hesitate to speak your mind (speak your mind)
Never hesitate to speak your heart (speak your heart)
They`ll call you crazy, when you speak your mind (when you speak your mind)
So never, never hesitate (never hesitate)

Like most modern pop songs, this one does not feature an instrumental solo, which would have worked well here. Love the message, couldn’t stop listening to the song for weeks. It has been played about 30 times on the iPod or iTunes collection, putting it well within the Top 25 Most Played playlist. This happens periodically, where I’ll find a song I really dig and play it repeatedly, but only time will tell if I feel it deserves a top ranking.

Make You Crazy, Brett Dennen (with Femi Kuti) ✭✭✭
Acid Tongue, Jenny Lewis ✭✭✭

There are a few modestly interesting YouTube videos by Brett Dennen, but nothing I like well enough to present. Instead, here’s Jenny Lewis singing the beautiful “Acid Tongue”:

Jenny Lewis is a very exciting young artist. She also sings with a group called Rilo Kiley.

To finish this quick post, let’s show the ratings for other songs I have added in the past couple weeks:

Ooh La La, Faces ✭✭✭
Boots of Chinese Plastic, The Pretenders ✭✭
Still I Long For Your Kiss (alternate), Lucinda Williams ✭✭✭
She Thinks I Still Care, George Jones
Silver Lining, Rilo Kiley ✭✭✭

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