Ryan Adams – “Everybody Knows”

I heard “Everybody Knows” on KINK-FM about a month ago.  Ryan Adams originally wrote the song for Willie Nelson.  The studio version is quiet and acoustic.  Here’s an electrified version from “Late Night with David Letterman”:

The melodic ballad is built around the simple refrain:  “You and I together, but only one of us in love, and everybody knows”.  I just love when a songwriter can string together a simple set of words and paint a complex emotion.  That is a beautiful line.

Everybody Knows, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals ✭✭✭

This fine introduction to Ryan Adams impressed me enough to pursue his music a bit further.  He is a very prolific songwriter and has released a wide body of work in a short time.  He released a new CD recently which Rolling Stone awarded four stars as excellent.  I perused the iTunes Music Store and added two more songs, including a fine rendition of Oasis’s “Wonderwall”.

Wonderwall, Ryan Adams ✭✭
Two, Ryan Adams ✭✭

Let’s add a few new ratings for songs already existing in the collection. I’ve rated a majority of the 8,000 songs in the collection, there are still a thousand or so ratings to be assigned. In general, the unrated songs are the less important songs in the collection, and some of them will eventually be deleted and replaced with worthy inclusions. To go through the exercise, I usually set the iTunes on Party Shuffle and go through the unrated songs at random. Here are five more ratings:

Little Star, The Elegants
Goin’ Down Slow, Duane Allman ✭✭
Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad, Doc Watson ✭✭
Peggy-O, Simon & Garfunkel ✭✭✭
Doc’s Guitar, Doc Watson ✭✭
Two Doors Down (acoustic), Dwight Yoakam ✭ (deleted from collection)

I will track down Dwight’s version of Two Doors Down from his great “This Time” CD and add it in.

Today is my 50th birthday. Apparently I’m celebrating by writing about the songs I love for no one in particular. This birthday is a meaningful one for me; an approximate demarcation point in my father’s life where he became content and satisfied.

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