Duffy Begs For “Mercy”

Welsh singer Aimee Duffy, better known simply as Duffy, appeared on Saturday Night Live a couple weeks ago, singing her hit song “Mercy”.  It was after midnight, but the song interested me enough that I sat up and watched.  I investigated a bit, and like many British pop singers, the song has already hit big on the other side of the pond.  I added the song to the collection.

Mercy, Duffy ✭✭✭

The Saturday Night Live broadcast is pretty good, but pales in comparison to a performance recorded on the musical program “Later…with Jools Holland”:

The live performance is outstanding.  I just love the way she stands quietly and smiles at the end of the song.  Humble, confident, tough.  Red hot pop music by a badass band.

Here’s a list of other recent adds. The first three are brand new:

Stolen Shoes & A Rifle, Blitzen Trapper ✭✭
Off Of Wonderland, Jackson Browne ✭✭✭
Acid Tongue, Jenny Lewis ✭✭✭
Seminole Wind, John Anderson ✭✭

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