Catch-up: Various Recent Actions

We’re getting the blog ready with a few initial posts. Just a little data to get us started. Here are a few of the recent new additions, plus a few new ratings for previously unrated songs:

One Step Beyond, Madness ★★
To Love Somebody, The Upsetters ★★
You Don’t Love Me, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers ★★
The Supernatural, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers ★★★

Peter Green on guitar with the Bluesbreakers.

Wade In The Water, Ramsey Lewis ★★★

Wade In The Water is a gospel song. I recently heard a very nice version by a Dutch group called The Soldiers, but could not locate the song on iTunes. Added to the Wish List.

Dolly Dagger, Jimi Hendrix Experience ★★

She’s got so much love she’s goin’ make you stagger! Here are five more songs added from the record collection:

It Seems There’s Nothing I Can Do, Good Ol’ Persons ★★★
Crossing The Cumberlands, Good Ol’ Persons ★★
I Can’t Stand To Ramble, Good Ol’ Persons ★★

The Good Ol’ Persons were a bluegrass band based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took an interest in the band in the late 1980s, probably after hearing “I Can’t Stand To Ramble” on the radio. The lead singer, Kathy Kallick, is quite distinctive, and went on to a successful solo career afterwards. In many ways, similar to Alison Krauss & Union Station.

There was about a two year period in my late 20s when I was truly free and single. During that time, I saw The Good Ol’ Persons twice in a one month period, driving all the way from Sunnyvale up to a bar in Berkeley, sitting in the front row in a room with a few dozen people, watching the band perform from a few feet away. I was accompanied by two diferent dates, both tall and beautiful brunettes, and both rather important women in my life, before I met the lovely Cheryl.

World Shut Your Mouth, Julian Cope ★★★
Trampoline, Julian Cope ★★

World Shut Your Mouth is a winner, a rare 1980s hit that ages well. The modern band Death Cab For Cutie covered the song recently. I recorded this off my own record. I have no idea why iTunes has not secured the rights to this fine song.

Listening randomly through the alphabet of song titles, the following ratings are added or changed:

Nashville Skyline Rag, Bob Dylan
Nathan Jones, The Supremes ★★
Nebraska, Bruce Springsteen
Natural Man, Lou Rawls ★★★★ (upgraded from ★★★)
Needle And The Spoon (live, King Biscuit Flower Hour), Lynyrd Skynyrd ★★★
The New Symphony Sid, Van Morrison with Georgie Fame ★ (removed from collection)

Pride (In The Name Of Love), U2 ★★
Primitive, The Groupies ★★
Prodigal Son, The Rolling Stones ★★

Prodigal Son is from an album called A Shot Of Salvation. In his early years, Mick Jagger sings blues songs beautifully.

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